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Strategies in Wellness exists to empower people and organizations to create a unique experience of well-being. We create wellness programs that help you create healthy, productive, engaged teams that thrive.



The first step in creating a healthy workplace is to assess the current environment. We conduct a customized evaluation of organization culture, practices, and policies that affect employee well-being. Based on this assessment, we provide our recommended action plan for developing a highly engaged and healthy workplace.



Your healthy workplace strategy may include workshops, customized wellness events and employee challenges. Based on the results of your healthy workplace assessment, we design programs based on physical, mental, personal, and relational well-being. Programs can range from single workshops, multi day events, quarterly programs, or annual well-being strategy implementation.​​

Our mission is to cultivate workplaces where individuals and teams are fully supported in being happy, healthy, and productive. There are numerous studies that demonstrate the positive impact of employee wellness on organization goals such as increased productivity, reduced sick time, improved employee engagement, increased employee retention, and reduced health care costs. 

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